STRINNOP – strengthening regional innovation profiles

It is hard to make a region innovative but even harder to achieve international recognition for it. The Thematic Network STRINNOP as part of “Innovating Regions In Europe IRE” aimed at strengthening the Regional Innovation Profiles of its member regions (13 European regions) by developing a proactive, holistic, and comprehensive approach. By integrating regional good practice tools and ideas into a common step-by-step model, the STRINNOP approach has taken into account the specific framework and individual culture of every region. Every step of the developed model reflects the main steering wheels which influence the regional innovation system and thus the Regional Innovation Profile.

Based on their experiences in defining regional innovation indicators and gathering the respective data the STRINNOP partners elaborated a prototype of a pragmatic self-assessment tool – called STRINNOP Facilitator – enabling any region to determine and to visualize its own regional innovation profile. This tool is an incentive for the STRINNOP member regions as well as for other regions to raise awareness, intensify and structure their effort in strengthening the Regional Innovation Profile and to sharpen the image of a successful, innovative and attractive region.

With its integrated approach of fostering and promoting the regional innovation system STRINNOP also intends to contribute to the regional economic growth and the international competitiveness of its member regions.

IDEUM has written the successful proposal and managed the network as process consultant (including the elaboration of the STRINNOP approach) together with the Bremer Innovations-Agentur GmbH.