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Development of regional innovation strategies

The development of regional innovation strategies is following a holistic approach and requires the involvement of all concerned parties: the regional companies as innovators, universities and research institutes as technology and knowledge providers, innovation support service providers as well as regional ministries responsible for innovation policy.

Beside gathering of regional structural data and of information about the offered innovation services (using interviews, literature screening or internet inquiries) further empirical surveys on the firms’ and service providers’ side (by face to face interviews, workshops, large scale questionnaire surveys) are carried out as starting point for the strategy development. Also innovation audits are an appropriate tool in order to learn more about the innovation capacity of the regional firms, their needs for innovation support and their perception of the regional innovation supporting infrastructure.

The consolidation of the different point of views is leading to an improved understanding of all involved parties for each other and is increasing the transparency of the current regional innovation system.

The in-depth and consensus oriented discussion of the qualitative and quantitative analyses results with all actors is shaping the draft concept of the regional innovation system. The draft concept should be validated by pilot actions. Afterwards the draft strategy can be further specified.

Strategic policy tools like regional foresight and SWOT analyses can also be applied within the strategy development.