Innovation ensures competitiveness and creates jobs

In order to be nowadays successful in global competition a high degree of innovativeness is required – this is true both for single companies and for regional economic and innovation policy including research organisations (RTO) and higher education institutions (HEI).

Innovation within a company or within a whole region can happen incrementally or by quantum jumps, it can be technological or organisational nature. Innovation is always the result of a strategic and implementation oriented process on which IDEUM can accompany you.

IDEUM – from the idea to sustainable realisation

In collaboration with our customers IDEUM is designing and moderating the innovation and transformation process from creating ideas over development and implementation towards sustainable standardisation. IDEUM is the cross linking agent within a company, between companies, between policy, science and business in a single region and between several regions.

Identification and realisation of our customers’ innovation potentials and thus strengthening the competitiveness of both single companies and the overall regional economy takes centre stage for IDEUM. Thereby IDEUM is applying a comprehensive methodology kit since more than 25 years of international experiences and is relying on a European wide network.