ERIK ACTION – Upgrading the Innovation Capacity of Firms

ERIK ACTION is an INTERREG IVC Capitalisation Project born from 4 years of networking experience within the ERIK network. ERIK ACTION builds on the consolidated experience of exchange by moving towards concrete transfer of identified good practices into mainstream Structural Funds programmes in regions willing to improve policies. This project benefits from Fast Track assistance from the EC.

ERIK ACTION’s overall objective is to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies in the field of innovation and the knowledge economy and, specifically, in upgrading the innovation capacity of existing enterprises. This project aims to create additional value for firms by improving regional innovation support services and infrastructure. The good practices transferred, in the form of regional action plans, have a quantifiable and measurable impact on the statistics of the participating regions.

ERIK ACTION is a reference project due to the achieved results and its advanced position in comparison to other INTERREG IVC capitalisation projects: Every partner region has developed its individual Action Plan and signed it at the final conference in May 2010.

IDEUM has significantly contributed to the overall concept of the project and to the filing of the proposal in very strong collaboration with Tuscany as lead partner. Lower Austria as Coordinator of the Workshop Package “entrepreneurship support” was also supported by IDEUM.

Here you find more information and you can also download the Mainstreaming Guide.