Regional Governments and Economic Development Agencies

IDEUM supports governments and economic development agencies in the development of regional innovation strategies and in continuous improvement of the regional innovation system aiming at strengthening the regional companies and economy. Analysis of the current system, conceptualisation of the regional innovation strategy and its implementation are following an integrated approach.

Research & Technology Organisations (RTO) and Higher Education Institutions (HEI)

IDEUM opens up the innovation potentials of Research Organisations (RTO) and Higher Education Institutes (HEI) as important technology and know-how providers, who can considerably contribute to the innovativeness of companies in the framework of technology and knowledge transfer or who are willing to foster own innovation oriented start-ups. IDEUM is offering the broad service portfolio from support of individual start-ups over feasibility studies for incubators/sciences parks until development innovation strategies for RTO/HEI.

Business Companiess

Companies of different size belong to the customers of IDEUM – from micro businesses over SMEs (Small and medium sized Enterprises) through to large companies, stemming from different sectors (automotive industry, chemical industry, aviation industry and catering services, engineering industry as well as pharmaceutical industry.