Regional Innovation Strategy und Continuous Improvement Process of the Regional Innovation System Lower Austria (CIP RIS NÖ)

November 2007. Each year AER (Assembly of European Regions) recognises Europe's most innovative Region. The Prize aims at honouring European Regional Authorities' actions, which have stimulated, fostered and implemented innovation in their territory. It aims at promoting best practices as well as to demonstrate how regions can contribute to regional economic welfare.

Lower Austria’s Landeshauptmann Erwin Pröll received the award from José Manuel Barroso, President of the EU Commission. Barroso pointed out that the award demonstrates the manifoldness of Europe. “The regional policy in Europe is a source of permanent and concrete inspiration for a lot of European regions.”

“The award is also a powerful inspiration for Lower Austria”, NÖ Landeshauptmann Pröll answered. “On the one hand Lower Austria can give advice to other regions, on the other hand we are benefitting from international collaboration in economic and cultural perspective. This is the fundament for the dynamic development in Lower Austria.”

More than 20 years IDEUM has accompanied the Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria within the Continuous Improvement Process of the Regional Innovation System that has started with the development of the Regional Innovation Strategy in the year 1997.

The Continuous Improvement Process comprises the permanent reflection of the firms’ needs of innovation support und the expansion of the monitoring and evaluation activities in the innovation policy in order to introduce new effective tools and improve already successful ones.

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